June 23, 2024

About Us


The Indian Times News (TITN) Network was established in the year 2020, with an aim to produce news content of the highest quality for its news website and social media accounts. The network, which is still at is nascent stage, comprises a few determined journalists, who wish to bring back the culture of real, ethical journalism; talk about real issues of people; and be completely unbiased in their reporting. The Indian Times News aims to become the Voice of the People (Janta Ki Awaaz) of India.

The reason behind starting this news network stemmed from the frustration and anguish of reading and watching biased, unethical, distasteful and superficial news pieces, day-in-day-out. Media is considered the Fourth Pillar of the Society, but unfortunately, this pillar is losing its strength and credibility and is fast crumbling. The time has come to resurrect it and bring back its old glory.

The time has come to talk about real issues again; report news and not create them; be unbiased and truthful; and to truly respect the freedom of expression our Constitution guarantees us…