June 23, 2024

ICC prohibits transgender players from women’s international cricket

23 November 2023 | TITN Team

Cricket players who have experienced male puberty in any form are not permitted to compete in international women’s cricket, regardless of whether they have had surgery or gender reassignment treatment, according to a ruling by the International Cricket Council on Tuesday.

The ICC released a statement that said, “The new policy is based on the following principles, protection of the integrity of the women’s game, safety, fairness and inclusion, and this means any Male to Female participants who have been through any form of male puberty will not be eligible to participate in the international women’s game regardless of any surgery or gender reassignment treatment they may have undertaken.”

Danielle Mcgahey, who made history as the first transgender cricket player, is likely to lose her eligibility to compete in women’s international cricket as a result of this verdict.

The ICC Chief Executive, Geoff Allardice, underlined that these modifications to the gender eligibility requirements are the outcome of thorough deliberations and are supported by science, in line with the fundamental ideas outlined during the review.