June 23, 2024

India urges its citizens to leave Afghanistan by commercial flights

13th August 2021| TITN TEAM

India is closely following developments in Afghanistan and is concerned about the deteriorating security situation. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Alinda Bach told the New Delhi media that earlier this week, the Indian delegation in Kabul issued an invitation to Indian citizens to return on a commercial basis. He added that there is no official evacuation mechanism. 

He said that the Indian Mission in Kabul last year facilitated the return of more than 383 members of the Afghan Hindu and Sikh communities to India. He said India will ensure that they get all the help they need. Earlier this week, the Indian Consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif temporarily withdrew all its staff in India. He said that the Indian Consulate will continue to cooperate with local staff. 

During the meeting with the Taliban, the spokesperson stated that New Delhi is in contact with all relevant parties. For another question, Bach replied that India continues to look forward to an immediate and complete ceasefire. India supports all peace initiatives in Afghanistan, and the main concern is peace and stability in the country.