June 17, 2024

Military operations in Afghanistan until August 31: U.S.

9 July 2021 | TITN Team

The United States announced that its military mission in Afghanistan will end on August 31. Since Washington began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, the battle between the Afghan commandos and the Taliban for control of the provincial capital is ongoing.

US President Joe Biden announced the end of the longest war in the United States last night, announcing that the US military has achieved the goal of humiliating Al Qaeda and preventing further attacks on the United States. President Biden said that maintaining the status quo is not an option and will not allow another generation of Americans to fight in Afghanistan.

The President stated that the United States did not go to Afghanistan to establish a nation, and urged countries in the region to step up their efforts to find a political solution to the Afghan issue. He expressed his confidence in the Afghan armed forces.

The President of the United States pledged to continue to provide support to the Afghan government and security forces. Since the United States stepped up its withdrawal, the Taliban have launched an offensive to capture new territories. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said the government has the ability to deal with this situation.