June 16, 2024

The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos took the Blue Origin rocket to end his space journey

22 July 2021 | TITN Team

Jeff Bezos took his company’s rocket for an 11-minute flight, which stimulated space travel and realized his childhood dream of exploring the sky and time travel.

“Our rescue team went to Jeff, Mark, Wally and Oliver to celebrate their return from space,” Blue Origin Rocket tweeted.

The spacecraft hovered on three huge parachutes, then activated the retro engine and released a cloud of sand, and landed gently at a speed of one or two miles per hour.

“There is a group of very happy people in this capsule,” Bezos said. At around 8:12 am local time on Tuesday morning, Blue Origin’s new Shepard rocket was launched from a launch pad in western Texas. The richest man in the world, his brother and two other people were all take it with you. This is the first manned flight on Blue Origin. Bezos founded it in 2000 with the vision that one day millions of people will live and work in space. Prior to this, New Shepherd had conducted 15 unmanned fligh

Blue Origin tweeted: “Accelerate the landing! This is the third successful landing of this rocket and the first time that four individuals have been pushed into space above the Carmen line.