June 17, 2024

UK: Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars by 2030

Photo Credit - TITN Bureau | Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars to tackle Climate Change and Air Pollution.

The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has confirmed the ban on petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030 as part of his ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ initiative with focus on tackling the climate change. An estimated £4 billion has been allocated by the PM for the cause. This decision is likely to impact the automobile industry in the UK. Originally, the ban was planned to be implemented by 2040.

The industry figures in the UK for the current year show that diesel and petrol cars the primary choice (about 73 percent) for most people, with the hybrid cars accounting for about 22 per cent while the pure electric car sales has been only around 5 per cent.

With this decision, the UK becomes the first major economy in the world to officially set a deadline to completely ban the usage of diesel and petrol cars. It is likely that many other countries will follow suit in an urgent step to curb pollution and protect the green environment.