June 17, 2024

US President Joe Biden declares his reelection campaign

25 April 2023 | TITN Team

US President Joe Biden formally declared his intention to run for re-election to the White House in 2024 on Tuesday. The 80-year-old Democrat, who is the oldest US president in history, may run against Donald Trump once more after the latter declared his intention to run for office earlier.

“Every generation has a moment where they have had to stand up for democracy,” Biden said after sharing a video that was a little over three minutes long. to defend their fundamental rights. I think we own this. I am seeking to be reelected as president of the United States for this reason.

“Freedom. The American way of life is fundamentally based on individual liberty. Nothing is more critical. Nothing is more holy. Fighting for our democracy has been the focus of my first term. In the clip, Biden said.