June 16, 2024

Will India host the Ahmedabad Olympics in 2036?


The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) not only invited consultants to conduct a “gap analysis” to assess the city’s existing infrastructure and determine what else is needed to make it a possible Olympic venue. The Summer Olympics, but at the same time the central government plans to apply to host the 2036 Olympics in Ahmedabad during the 2024 Paris post-Olympic conference. 

  “…Technical Engineering Office, a reliable and experienced consultant for appointing experts/technical assistance centers to assess sports and non-sports facilities and infrastructure in Olympic cities”, it said in the newspaper Ahmeda The Bard Urban Development Agency (AUDA )

published an advertisement “In order to make Ahmedabad an international sports center for the Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games, consultants need to determine infrastructure gaps and international sports events. Requirements and next steps,” Mukesh Kumar, Chairman of AUDA and Commissioner of Ahmedabad City, told India Express 

Since Tokyo this year, the host city has prepared for the next three Olympic Games: Paris in 2024 , 2028 and Brisbane. As we all know, we will host the 2032 Olympic Games. Games Olympic Games 203 6 years from 2026. Only five years are left, so construction and design work is underway. 

Siadiona Stadium will also include the infamous Narendra Modi Stadium, which is named after the current non-sports prime minister and has been condemned by the opposition for the hypocrisy of the BJP government. There are 37 sports facilities in the country named after the Gandhi/Nehru family, so the discussion is not over yet.