June 17, 2024

World’s longest suspension bridge ‘Sky Bridge 721’ opens in Czech Republic

14th May 2022 (Saturday) | TITN Team

‘Sky Bridge 721’ – the longest suspension bridge in the world – was opened for tourists on Friday in Czech Republic. It is being said that the length of this bridge is 154 m more than Nepal’s Baglung Parbat Footbridge (567 m), which according to Guinness World Record is currently the longest suspension footbridge in the world. The bridge connects two mountain ridges at a height of approximately 312 feet. 

It will take about 2.5 hours to reach the Sky Bridge 721, which is located in a vacation resort, from the city of Prague, the Czech capital. The 1.2-metre-wide bridge is one-way bridge and offers some scintillating views of the Jesenky mountains. The bridge leads to a paved pathway in a forest, where information is provided on Czech history.

The bridge is open for children and adults; however, it is not suitable for people on wheelchairs or pushchairs.