June 16, 2024

14 mobile messaging apps used by terrorist organizations are blocked by the Centre

1 May 2023 | TITN Team

According to authorities, the central government has blacklisted 14 mobile messaging services that are used by terrorist organisations.

These applications were primarily used to disseminate the word and receive alerts from Pakistan by Over Ground Workers of various terrorist organisations based in Jammu and Kashmir.

Safeswiss, Crypviser, Briar, Enigma, IMO, Element, Second line,  Wickrme, Mediafire, BChat, Conion, Zangi, Nandbox, and Threema are among the communication applications that are prohibited.

According to sources, terrorist organisations and their affiliates were using these applications to recruit Jammu and Kashmir-based associates to help them carry out their terrorist actions in the Union Territory and elsewhere.