June 17, 2024

A drone spotted over PM Modi’s residence in Delhi

3rd June 2023 | TITN Team

A drone was spotted today morning in New Delhi flying over the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home, according to a call to the Delhi Police. Although a search was conducted, nothing unusual was located. It has been established by officials that this area is a “no-fly” zone.

Officers from the Special Protection Group, an elite unit that guards the prime minister, notified the police at around 5:30 am about the drone sighting. The Delhi Police began a search effort to find the drone after being notified.

“Information regarding an unidentified flying object was received close to the PM’s home. The immediate region was thoroughly searched, but no sign of the object was found. Additionally, the air traffic control (ATC) facility was called. Additionally, they found no such flying object close to the PM’s residence,” according to a statement from the Delhi Police.