June 17, 2024

After a man tested positive for the new coronavirus, New Zealand announced a rapid lockdown

18th August 2021| TITN TEAM

After a man tested positive for Covid, New Zealand announced a rapid Lockdown-the first case in six months.

The case was discovered in Auckland, which was closed for a week, while the rest of the country was closed for three days. The authorities assume that the new case is a variant of Delta.

Only about 20% of the population is fully vaccinated. The coastal city of Coromandel visited by the infected will also be closed for 7 days.

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden stated that the most stringent “level 4” rule is to close schools, offices, and all shops and provide only basic services. There are at least 23 potential transfer locations. According to reports, a landslide occurred in the Auckland supermarket as locals expected to close soon.