June 17, 2024

CM house attacked in Meghalaya State, Shillong curfew for two days

16th August 2021| TITN TEAM

On Sunday, after a two-day curfew in Shillong was imposed by a former rebel leader, a gas bomb was thrown at the private residence of Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma following a violent incident. No one was injured in the incident because the house was empty. The Chief Minister will stay at his headquarters in Upper Shillong.

An Assamese car was also attacked in Shillong, and the driver was seriously injured. According to reports, several stone-throwing incidents have also occurred in parts of the city.

A senior police officer in Assam urged residents of the state not to travel to Shillong until the curfew took effect. “Due to law and order issues, Shillong has been subject to a curfew. It is recommended that Assamese not go to Shillong until the curfew is in place,” Assam Police Department Special DGP GP Singh said in a tweet.

A few hours ago, Interior Minister Lahkmen Rymbui resigned and stated in his letter of resignation that the former rebel leader Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew “was killed in a police raid that violated legal principles.”

In his resignation letter to the CM, the Minister of Home also proposed a judicial investigation of the matter, adding: “I would like to request you to relieve the Home (Police) Department from me with immediate effect. This will facilitate free and fair enquiry taken by the government to bring out the truth of the incident.”