June 16, 2024

Court in Varanasi orders an ASI survey in the Gyanvapi mosque issue, and the Hindu side hails a “turning point”

21 July 2023 | TITN Teams

According to government attorney Rajesh Mishra, a Varanasi court has ordered an archaeological survey of India (ASI) or scientific examination of the Gyanvapi mosque, which is next to the Kashi Vishwanath temple. This has led to joy among the Hindu side.

The “wazukhana,” where a “shivling” allegedly resides, according to the Hindu plaintiffs, will not be included in the study, nevertheless. The area has been cordoned, and the Supreme Court is hearing the case.

The petition of a group of Hindu devotees asking for a scientific investigation to ascertain if the mosque was constructed on the site of a Hindu temple was approved by the court of AK Vishvesh.

Vishnu Shankar Jain, who was representing the Hindu side in the Gyanvapi mosque case, informed that the survey could be completed in three to six months.