June 16, 2024

Demolition of the Noida Supertech Twin Towers

28 August 2022 | TITN Team

The real estate firm Supertech reported a loss of almost 500 crore as the Noida Development Authority razed the two tower structure on Sunday. The construction and finance costs were also included in the deficit.

At 2:30 PM on Sunday, the 100-meter-tall Apex and Ceyane Towers were destroyed. The Supreme Court issued the demolition order after determining that the development on the grounds of Emerald Court was improper.

Deconstruction alone costs 20 crore, which were also covered by the business Supertech. For the destruction, about 3700 kg of explosives were used.

The Twin Towers, which had a total built-up area of about 8 lakh square feet, were a part of Supertech’s Emerald Court development in Sector 93 A of the Noida Expressway. The Twin Tower included 900 flats, with an estimated market value of Rs. 700 crore.

The court claims that Supertech’s twin 40-story towers, which contain 915 apartments and 21 shops, were constructed in coordination with the Noida Authority.