June 23, 2024

India Launches “Operation Ajay” To Bring Back Indians From Israel-Hamas Conflict

12 October 2023 | TITN Team

Operation Ajay was launched by India to assist Israeli Israelis returning home when there was a full-scale conflict going on in Gaza with the Hamas organization. 

“Special charter flights and other arrangements are being put in place. Fully committed to the safety and well-being of our nationals abroad,” Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said in a post on X.

The nation’s embassy in Israel stated in another post that the first group of Indians who had registered to return have been contacted and will board the first special flight to India tomorrow.                      

“The Embassy has emailed the first lot of registered Indian citizens for the special flight tomorrow. Messages to other registered people will follow for subsequent flights,” the post read.

The Ministry of External Affairs has established a 24-hour Control Room to keep an eye on the situation and offer support and information in light of the current events in Israel and Palestine.