June 23, 2024

Nationwide Project Worth Rs. 10,211 crore for Improvement and Rehabilitation of Dams Approved


On Thursday (29th October 2020), Union Cabinet approved nationwide project worth Rs. 10,211 crore for improvement and rehabilitation of dams. The aim is to enhance water security and ensure safety of dams across the nation and encourage sustainable development; this will also create a number of job opportunities.

The project will be implemented in two phases, duration of each being six years with two years overlap. Three Central Agencies and 19 states will benefit from this national project scheme.

The project focusses on dam improvement, ecology of rivers, people safety and property in vicinity of the dams. Both structural and non-structural measures will be taken under the scheme.

This national project is as per the provisions of the Dam Safety Bill 2019. An estimated 2,50,000 person days for professionals and 10,00,000 persons days for unskilled workers employment opportunity would be generated by the project.