June 17, 2024

Saanvi Enterprises Building Business with Digital Technology

8th July 2023 | TITN Team

Digital technology has changed the way how we communicate and do business today. Today, group to mass communication is easily possible digitally and almost everything is available with a tap of a button. This has paved way for marketers to reach out and serve their customers quickly and in a far better way. Using digital technology, companies from across the globe are able to expand their business and offer seamless buying experience to their customers. Inspired by this growing phenomenon, Saanvi Enterprises – one of the leading plywood and home interiors and exteriors dealers in Rourkela – has brought in digital technology into all aspects of its business to not just to make all its efforts streamlined but also to serve its customers in the best possible way. 

Leading from the Front with Technology

Since the inception of Saanvi Enterprises in 2019, its founder Mr. Sumit Chanduka has ensured that the firm’s mission and vision reflect in its day-to-day activities, which is serving the customers and make their buying experience absolutely delightful.

Mr. Chanduka says, “In 2019 when we began Saanvi Enterprises, we had very little idea that within a short span of time, we would be considered as a one stop solution for home interiors in Rourkela. Truly, the credit for this success goes to my team members and to technology, which I believe is keeping my firm ahead in the race.”

Recently, the firm launched its own website and app – one of the first ever in Odisha in this trade. The objective behind developing this website and app was to help customers to have better knowledge about different home interior products and facilitate them in choosing the right product as per their need. This website has high number of visitors, who can access various catalogs of different branded companies and at the same time, get some fantastic design ideas for their homes.

Technology in Day-to-Day Activities

Led by Mr, Chanduka, Saanvi Enterprises is using technology at various strategic levels, which is giving them an edge over their competitors. For example, it has a 2000 sq. ft. multi-brand display showroom, where QR-based price lists have been put at different places, and customers only need to scan them to learn the price of their chosen product.  Mr. Chanduka says, “By introducing the QR-based price list, we are able to save a lot of time of our executives as well as customers.”

On the other hand, the firm may be the first few ones in Rourkela, who hold daily online meetings, where HODs of each department meet and discuss the status of the previous day’s work, agenda for that day and with resolution to previous day’s difficulties. This has streamlined their business for the good.

Introduction of Advanced Technology

Mr. Chanduka who is himself is tech-savvy has implemented another new technology in his business communication area, and that is the Chat Bot API service. Using this, he has ensured that all the firm’s stakeholders get regular updates, information and details of all products offered by Saanvi Enterprises through Whatsapp quite promptly. All the Saanvi’s office Whatsapp numbers also feature different catalogs of materials they deal in so that all stakeholders get access to all these with just a tap or click of a few buttons. The visionary Mr. Chanduka is also planning to bring AI technology into his business in the near future.

It can be very well said that Saanvi Enterprises is Building and Growing its Business with Digital Technology.