June 17, 2024

Vinesh Phogat wins women’s 53 kg freestyle gold at Poland Ranking Series wrestling

12 June 2021 | TITN Team

Warsaw, June 11 Tokyo Olympic Games bound wrestler Vinesh Phogat won the women’s 53kg free-form gold with an 8-0 success over Khrystyna Bereza of Ukraine at the Poland Ranking Series here on Friday.

With under 50 days to go for the Olympic Games to start, Vinesh glanced solid in safeguard and quick in assaults and counter-assaults. The gold-winning exertion of Vinesh is probably going to improve her cultivating in the 53kg free-form occasion at the Olympics, to be held from July 23 to August 8.

In the last match, Vinesh went up 2-0 in the initial 70 seconds of the session. With under two minutes ready, she leads 4-0. Khrystyna battled to stay up with Vinesh in the underlying phases of the session. As the match advanced, the Ukrainian took some great actions yet Vinesh rushed to wriggle out of the precarious circumstances.

With under two minutes to go for the long whistle, Vinesh released another assault to build the edge to 6-0. Khrystyna attempted to decrease the hole as of now of the match however was fruitless as Vinesh was in no temperament to surrender focuses.

Vinesh made it 8-0 as of now of the challenge to stash the gold award. Khrystyna made do with silver. Earlier, in the semis, Vinesh scored a decided 6-0 win over Amy Ann Fearnside of the USA. She crushed Russia’s Ekaterina Poleshchuk 6-2 in her first episode of the 53kg.