June 23, 2024

Patient hangs himself at Rourkela Government Hospital

09th May 2022 | TITN Team

On Sunday, a man was found hanging to a grill near the Burn ward of the Rourkela Government Hospital (RGH), Rourkela. The man has been identified as Sahra Jhara (45) of Rio village of Kuanarmunda area and he was admitted to the Orthopedic ward of the hospital on 4th May because of a fractured leg. His brother Phoolan was taking care of him during the day time.

On Sunday morning at around 6.30 am, when Phoolan came to the hospital, he could not find Sahra on his bed. After which, he went looking for him inside the RGH campus. To Phoolan’s shock, he found Sahra hanging from a grill near the Burn ward; he had used a towel to hang himself. Hearing Phoolan’s loud cries, the hospital staff came rushing to the spot. Until then, they were unaware about the entire incident.

The hospital staff then informed the Raghunathpalli Police station. The police came to the spot along with a scientific team for enquiry. The police also scrutinized the CCTV footage of the hospital and inquired the staff on duty the previous night; however, nothing substantial came of it.

Speaking to the press, RGH Director, Dr. Santosh Swain has said, “The RGH authorities have begun a departmental enquiry into the case to ascertain the cause of lapse in security. The security personnel on duty will be questioned.”