June 23, 2024

Rahul Agarwal suicide case: Police finds witness in security guard

12th May 2022 | TITN Team

In the high-profile Rahul Agarwal suicide case, the local police at Jamshedpur has been able to find a witness to the suicide. As per their report, a security guard of the Astha Building has come forward and told the police that on the day of the incident, he had seen Rahul on the overhang of the seventh floor. The guard has said to police that he even tried telling Rahul to move away from there but Rahul did not listen and jumped off the building and as a result, died on the spot.

Since his death, Rahul’s family have been quite vocal about their demand for justice for him in Rourkela and Jamshedpur, and have gained support from all quarters, especially the Marwari community. Rahul’s in-laws – the Chudiwalas, who have been accused of torturing Rahul for money and not letting him meet his kids, have gone missing since the day of incident. Pressure is building on the police to quickly arrest the accused family.

Meanwhile, Rahul’s cousin Ankit Agarwal has said that the family will fight for the custody of Rahul’s two kids, who still are with the Chudiwalas. He has further said that the family is quite concerned about the well-being of the kids since they have not seen them since February 2022.