June 17, 2024

Rourkela Police swings into action against anti-social activities in the city

23rd November 2021 | TITN Team

The Rourkela police has swung into action against the anti-social activities going on in the city, especially consumption of alcohol and other addictive substances in the open. As part of this crackdown, separate teams have been conducting raids in different isolated parts of the city, including dark street corners, construction sites and other places to curb this menace.  

Speaking about this drive, Rourkela SP Mukesh K Bhamoo has said that this crackdown has begun from November 13 and within a week, the police have caught more than 200 people in such illegal activities; however, they were released after a strict warning. Some serious offenders have been booked though.

Further he has said, “During the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown, people were forced to stay indoors with families and abstinence from alcohol was a compulsion. Now that economic activities have normalized, numerous hotels and eateries in slums and other areas are illegally selling liquor”.